Want to have more impact? A GlobalNext workshop can help you grow into your next global role. Join leaders from around the world for this immersive journey led by world-class executive coaches.

Does your leadership role require balancing the local and global? Do you manage multinational or culturally diverse teams?  Are you in a job that demands you draw your own roadmap? GlobalNext is an intensive program for leaders who have, or are about to step into this type of demanding role with a multinational corporation. Working with our expert executive coaches, these next-generation participants learn how to lead with authenticity, master complexity, build trust and influence, and more.

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Why GlobalNext?

CapitaPartners created GlobalNext to help emerging business leaders worldwide build and flex new muscles at a critical time in their development. 

Over the course of 30 years, our coaches have interviewed and assessed hundreds of global leaders across five continents. We've seen up close how successful executives navigate across mature and immature markets, cultures, borders, and economic systems. We know from our in-depth research and experience that these kinds of complex global roles demand tenacity, adaptability and flexibility.

Our mission is to help successful global-minded executives grow into inspired leaders. Consider our workshops and team coaching options.

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Meet the GlobalNext executive coaches.

The executive coaches who design and lead the GlobalNext program have decades of experience in international business, change management and cross-border and cross-cultural leadership. They get to the heart of the matter quickly and apply leadership strategies that work in the real world — no matter where in the world you lead.



Executive Coach and Founder, CapitaPartners
Michael Bekins is a recognized authority on the leadership issues confronting global organizations that operate in fast-growth, rapidly changing markets. In a world filled with complexity and noise, Michael's mission is to help executives focus on the leadership qualities and career goals that matter most.

Bekins has lived and worked in eight countries on four continents, serving in a variety of global and regional leadership roles. He has served as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for a fast-growing global medical devices company, and held senior positions with Korn Ferry International, including President-Asia, President-Europe, and EVP/Chief Operating Officer. His conversations with thousands of executives have shaped his perspectives on life, work, and success. For the past decade, after assignments in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore, his passion has been identifying the qualities that make for high-impact leaders operating in an environment of change. He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, a BS from Pepperdine University, and an executive coaching certification from Columbia University. 

Armin Pajand


Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant
Armin Pajand works with an exclusive group of leaders and organizations who are committed to taking themselves and their organizations to the next level of growth. His approach to creating sustainable change includes: an assessment that identifies blind spots and deficiencies, interventions grounded in the reality of the client’s business, and an equal focus on short- and long-term results. Pajand, formerly Vice President of Strategy and Change at Wells Fargo, holds a graduate degree in Strategy and Change Management from a joint program at Oxford University in England and the HEC School of Management in France. He holds an bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA. His research, coaching and consulting work are focused on developing reliable and cost-effective roadmaps for sustainable change and business model innovation.

What people are saying about our executive coaching...


“The best thing that’s happened to me in my professional career. Coaching is about challenging sometimes uneasy truths about yourself. But if you choose to let go and dive into it without prejudice, you may find coaching a liberating and boosting experience – both for your professional and social life. And if it feels hard – well, it just probably means you’re doing it right."

Vice President & Managing Director for japan ans asia-pacific of a leading tech company:

"Michael has the ability to stand back, observe people and guide them to realizing solutions to their challenges. His ability to challenge the person while ensuring their comfort is amazing, and allows for remarkable breakthroughs.”





"I found Michael Bekins' coaching to be immediately beneficial and I leaned heavily upon his 'returning expat' experience to facilitate my successful transition. Michael is smart, thoughtful and caring and I found him to be an invaluable resource.” 

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About GlobalNext and CapitaPartners

GlobalNext is a personal and leadership development workshop tailored for international executives designed by CapitaPartners.

Capita—from the Latin—means “people.” The very name of our company reflects our belief that people come first. Before businesses succeed, their people must first dream and plan, connect and inspire. We help executives become the kind of global-minded business leaders who can flourish in any complex environment. 

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