What do we mean by a purpose-driven career?

The days of simply climbing a corporate ladder are over. Each one of us can set our own career trajectory — indeed, we might have to. That's where Executive Springboard comes in. At this 2 1/2-day workshop, participants consciously redesign their careers around a personal sense of purpose. 

Executives come to us at all stages of their work life. Some are looking to strategically target their next job move. Others are looking to create a professional legacy. But all are seeking the fulfillment that comes from doing what you love, what you're good at, what you know others value, and what you know makes a difference.

What happens during Executive Springboard?

Before arriving, participants will have completed thorough personal career assessments and gotten feedback from professional mentors and coworkers. There is also a pre-workshop reading list. Then, over 2 1/2 days, our executive coaches help you transform how you think about work, life, purpose, and success. 



The workshop begins with a fusion of objective evaluation and deep personal reflection. Executives use cutting-edge assessments, peer feedback, and structured exercises to hone an individual statement of purpose that guides the rest of the workshop. 


Day Two: Look forward

The second day connects personal purpose to possibilities in the real world. With guidance from executive coaches and experts in executive search — as well as feedback from this exclusive peer group — leaders consider what bold steps they can take.


Day three: prepare to launch

Participants leave Springboard with a personal action plan with concrete career steps, ongoing leadership development, and a platform for further one-on-one coaching or networking with the Springboard class.

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Meet Executive Springboard's renowned executive coaches.

The executive coaches who designed Executive Springboard have a depth of expertise and decades of experience in developing leaders and assessing their skills, passions and talents. They use methods that get to the heart of the matter quickly so that participants find a path that suits their purpose.



Bekins has personally made a dozen international career transitions over 30 years that have transformed him professionally and personally. He founded CapitaPartners in 2005 to help organizations build leaders with a global mindset and to empower individual executives to build careers that matter. His views on business leadership, emerging markets, start-ups, and high-growth situations, have been cited in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The Conference Board Review. Before founding CapitaPartners, he advised hundreds of executives on career choices while serving in a variety of roles with Korn Ferry, including head of the firm’s Asia-Pacific region, President Europe, and EVP-Chief Operating Officer. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California, an executive coaching certification from Columbia University, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.



Uroda has more than 20 years of experience in leadership development helping people align their work with their talents, values, and purpose. Her award-winning programs incorporate the latest research and methodologies to engage, inspire, and transform leaders across the world. She has lived in India and Singapore, worked with clients in more than 20 countries, and coached leaders of over 30 nationalities. Some of her clients have included Hess Oil, Novartis, Kraft Foods, Microsoft, and Estée Lauder. She served as Vice President for Custom Programs at Lore International. She was instrumental in developing the Korn Ferry Navigator™ development program, which won the Bersin & Associates’ award for Innovation in Learning and Talent Management. She is certified in multiple assessment systems. Uroda earned a master’s degree in music from the New England Conservatory and a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Texas.

What people say about their Executive Springboard experience.

Learn more about the Executive Springboard approach.

These two short videos provide an overview of the importance of purpose in building a career, and the approach Executive Springboard offers to career redesign. Take a look.

What is a purpose-driven career?

How can you redesign your career step-by-step?

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About Springboard and CapitaPartners

Executive Springboard is a personal and leadership development workshop designed by CapitaPartners.

Capita—from the Latin—means “people.” The very name of our company reflects our belief that people come first. Before businesses succeed, their people must first dream and plan, connect and inspire. We help executives become the kind of global-minded business leaders who can flourish in any complex environment. 

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