CapitaPartners Launches GlobalNext: An immersive journey for global leaders

Our executive coaching clients often tell us about their challenges in running a global or cross-border business. We hear comments like, It's hard for me to motivate people in other countries, I'm losing my confidence and motivation, I have no work-life balance, I'm not having enough impact on strategy, I'm constantly exhausted.

Considering a global job? Mindset matters.

Global roles are complex, unpredictable, and loaded with ambiguity. What do effective global executives do to master their environment and deliver results? Being hard-charging and smart come with the territory. But successful global executives know when to step back and cultivate their curiosity. 

10 reasons experience in Asia is good for your career.

10 reasons experience in Asia is good for your career.

Many executives head to Asia in the hope that the experience they get working in rapidly growing and changing markets will give them a competitive advantage. That’s not a bad plan: Asia is a region that rewards fast learners.