CapitaPartners Launches GlobalNext: An immersive journey for global leaders

Our executive coaching clients often tell us about their challenges in running a global or cross-border business. We hear comments like, It's hard for me to motivate people in other countries, I'm losing my confidence and motivation, I have no work-life balance, I'm not having enough impact on strategy, I'm constantly exhausted.

10 reasons experience in Asia is good for your career.

10 reasons experience in Asia is good for your career.

Many executives head to Asia in the hope that the experience they get working in rapidly growing and changing markets will give them a competitive advantage. That’s not a bad plan: Asia is a region that rewards fast learners.

Seven Goals for Asian Leaders

Managing people has mostly to do with how we manage ourselves. As we move into 2014, here is the inspired wisdom of some of my friends and clients across Asia.

Getting on Top of the Job in Asia

Studies show that global roles are different. Global executives experience far more complexity, flux, and ambiguity in their jobs than do domestic executives. They deal with a multiplicity of stakeholders across diverse cultures and boundaries. Intelligence alone doesn’t lead to success.

Building your leadership brand in Asia

Leadership is visceral. It requires interaction and reaction, trial and error. Leaders touch their teams and push them forward. And they develop in their people the capacity to thrive in this new volatile and ambiguous world.

Thriving as head of Asia: a case study

It would be a mistake to assume that KC needed to be someone he was not in order to succeed in his new role. That was KC's fear. Through coaching, he figured out how to use his strengths while learning new skills.