Considering a global job? Mindset matters.

Global roles are complex, unpredictable, and loaded with ambiguity. What do effective global executives do to master their environment and deliver results? Being hard-charging and smart come with the territory. But successful global executives know when to step back and cultivate their curiosity. 

How Bosses Learn: Three Steps to Learning Through Career Inflection Points

Unless we are totally lacking in self-awareness, most of us would admit to failing in a new role. What separates the people who keep getting promoted from the managers who seem to get sidelined?

Seven Goals for Asian Leaders

Managing people has mostly to do with how we manage ourselves. As we move into 2014, here is the inspired wisdom of some of my friends and clients across Asia.

Recruiting executives for India? Hire for nature, then nurture.

Agility is not to be taken for granted: look at the recent experience of such iconic companies as Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, and, more recently, P&G--companies that had it, and are struggling to regain it. Agility is spread evenly, if thinly, around the world. Yet given the context of India’s rapid growth, top leaders in India can’t survive without it.

Don’t blame the rat: Chinese enterprises need to invest in people beyond salary

While careful not to minimize the importance of pay in China, I truly wonder whether paying at the 50 percentile or 75 percentile is going to make much of a difference in a country where managers routinely get 50% increases in pay to jump to a competitor.

It doesn't take Superman: Marketing leaders in China don't need x-ray vision, just consumer focus

He's the un-superman. I'm tempted to doom Tom with the 'effective manager' moniker, which isn't how we describe game-changers in this day and age. Most impressively, this leader, based in Asia and armed with natural charm, savvy, and empathy, altered the organization's orientation from a headquarters' sense of true north to an entirely new bearing, a place deep inside the Cinese consumer.