CapitaPartners Launches GlobalNext: An immersive journey for global leaders

Helping executives face the challenges of leading across borders and cultures.

Our executive coaching clients often tell us about their challenges in running a global or cross-border business. We hear comments like, It's hard for me to motivate people in other countries, I'm losing my confidence and motivation, I have no work-life balance, I'm not having enough impact on strategy, I'm constantly exhausted.

GlobalNext, structured as an interactive three day experience, extends our reach beyond executive coaching. Our mission is to help next-generation global leaders achieve higher levels of influence and impact, while feeling more fulfilled. “In global organizations, leaders are faced with the challenge of successfully navigating the global and the local," says Michael Bekins. "The GlobalNext learning experience is meant to address the challenges of culture and language, high levels of complexity and ambiguity, time pressure, jet lag, and so on, not to mention differences in values and motivations." 

Learn about the five key principles guiding the development of GlobalNext

First, leadership effectiveness must be experienced. So it is with global mindset, the leadership quality that allows global leaders to influence people and outcomes across borders and cultures. Research shows that effective leaders learn by making mistakes and adapting to new situations. Leadership experts call these mistakes “crucible experiences.” GlobalNext helps participants step into the shoes of a global executive. They learn first by doing, and then by adjusting and adapting their behaviors.

Second, executives don’t develop a global mindset in the comfort of their backyard. They stretch themselves by moving out of their comfort zone.GlobalNext replicates this reality by assembling a culturally diverse cohort and creating challenging situations. Supported by world-class executive coaches, participants deal with ambiguity, manage complexity, and adapt their styles to meet the needs of other people and situations.

Third, at the core of global mindset, executives must engage with each other to find what we call win-win-win solutions. Engaging others is not the same thing as telling others what to do, as a senior executive might do with a junior manager in the field. Only by listening, setting aside assumptions, and seeking to understand, can executives across the value chain find solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Above everything else, the GlobalNext participants, working together, focus on this interaction.

Fourth, the GlobalNext workshop focuses on a few key lessons that move the leadership dial. The CapitaPartners team has interviewed hundreds of successful global executives to identify the leadership qualities that matter most in an international setting. Thirty years of validated executive assessments, led by Ken Brousseau, CEO of Decision Dynamics, our strategic partner, backs up the data. Not surprisingly, these qualities relate mostly to social and communication skills and dealing with complexity, core elements of the GlobalNext experience.

Finally, we build commitment to building remarkable careers. Executives are motivated to learn when their core purpose is aligned to their job. People are more likely to succeed when driven by a strong sense of purpose, and this purpose needs to count for something bigger than themselves. Otherwise, why bother? Participants are guided through a process that helps them discover why they do what they do. 


About GlobalNext

Michael Bekins and Armin Pajand join forces to co-found GlobalNext, a unique workshop tailored exclusively for business leaders facing the challenges of leading across borders and cultures. Over two and a half days, participants step into the shoes of a global leader and experience what it takes to engage others across borders and cultures. Supported by world-class executive coaches, a cohort of like-minded participants deal with ambiguity, manage complexity, and adapt their styles to meet the needs of other people and situations. The learning doesn’t stop at the end of the workshop. Follow-on coaching supports the executive to learn on the job. Executives come away from the experience with greater self-awareness, a clearer sense of purpose, and a stronger understanding of their own leadership journey. Upcoming workshop Nov. 17-19 in Los Angeles.