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Let CapitaPartners help you zero in on the global leadership qualities necessary to run a business today.

Leaders deal with ambiguity, volatility and complexity every day — and CapitaPartners offers executive coaching and workshops just for them. We transform good management skills into inspired leadership. We assess talent, develop the next generation of corporate leaders, and build effective international teams.

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What CapitaPartners can do for you.


Our success over many years stems from our belief that leaders evolve by doing and then reflecting and refining. Executive Coaching simply accelerates that cycle and deepens learning. We specialize in helping leaders achieve their full potential in cross-border, cross-cultural assignments. We take an evidence-based approach that links coaching goals directly to business outcomes. 

Our six-month executive coaching engagements help leaders become more effective, grounded, and authentic in their professional and personal lives. Often, this leads to an inspired sense of purpose and a commitment to ongoing change. We also offer executive coaching for leaders transitioning into new or larger roles to help them establish early wins, build stakeholder relationships, and close any skills gaps.

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Developing 'GLOBAL MINDSET' in executives and teams

Today's leaders must grapple with the global and the local, with tenacity and agility. CapitaPartners offers multiple services designed to enhance the ability to engage stakeholders across borders. We provide one-on-one executive coaching for leaders who need to influence cross-cultural teams, as well as group workshops that teach teams how to grow their capacity to think and behave as global leaders.

Purpose-driven Careers

Remarkable careers don’t happen by accident. In today’s world, leaders self-author their lives and careers from a strong sense of purpose. We help leaders clarify their value proposition and goals so they can express their purpose and passion through their career choices. Through workshops like Executive Springboard or individualized executive coaching, clients emerge more engaged, focused, and resilient.

Talent consulting, Executive search, & assessment

Our experience in assessing hundreds of executives in cross-border and cross-cultural roles has shaped our understanding of what it takes to make an impact. CapitaPartners helps CEOs recruit, assess, and select the right people for key global roles, international assignments, and Board positions, based on the organization’s strategy going forward. Our evidence-based assessment approach takes the guesswork out of hiring and succession decisions, and ensures that new leaders are ready to face whatever gets thrown at them.

Some of our clients.

CapitaPartners has worked with some of the world's largest corporations, as well as small businesses. Contact us to learn more about how CapitaPartners' solutions can be put to work at any organization.

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Your job may have an impressive title, but does it make you happy? How will you make an impact in this world? CapitaPartners has developed Executive Springboard, an intensive program for leaders to rethink their career journey. Whether you are considering your next position or setting off in a whole new direction, Executive Springboard might be right for you. 



Does your leadership role require balancing the local and global? Do you manage multinational or culturally diverse teams? Are you in a job that demands you draw your own roadmap? CapitaPartners has developed GlobalNext to give business leaders whose scope crosses international and cultural boundaries the skills they need to have impact and influence. Find out if GlobalNext is right for you.  

Meet the CapitaPartners team.

MICHAEL BEKINS, Founder and Managing Partner

Michael Bekins is a recognized authority on the leadership issues confronting global organizations that operate in fast-growth, rapidly changing markets. In a world filled with complexity and noise, Michael's mission is to help executives focus on the leadership qualities and career goals that matter most.

Bekins has lived and worked in eight countries on four continents, serving in a variety of global and regional leadership roles. He has served as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for a fast-growing global medical devices company, and held senior positions with Korn Ferry International, including President-Asia, President-Europe, and EVP/Chief Operating Officer. His conversations with thousands of executives have shaped his perspectives on life, work, and success. For the past decade, after assignments in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore, his passion has been identifying the qualities that make for high-impact leaders operating in an environment of change. He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, a BS from Pepperdine University, and an executive coaching certification from Columbia University. 

ARMIN PAJAND, executive coach and leadership consultant

Armin Pajand has been exploring growth possibilities with business leaders for more than a decade. He began his  career as a portfolio manager and international investment analyst, and was formerly vice president of strategy and change at Wells Fargo. Pajand holds a graduate degree in Strategy and Change Management from a joint program at Oxford University and HEC School of Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA. His research, coaching and consulting work are focused on developing reliable and cost-effective roadmaps for sustainable change, business model innovation, and growth.



Steven Fisher has been assessing and mentoring leadership talent for 30 years as a senior operating executive and management consultant as well as an executive search professional and executive coach. He has over 15 years of experience living in Asia and has led a global business. During his career he has been with three top management consultancy firms plus companies in the consumer products, health sciences and natural resource sectors. Fisher’s experience encompasses both early stage companies and established global businesses. Fisher earned a BA in economics and finance and an MBA from the University of Detroit. In addition, he attended the Executive Coaching program at Columbia University.

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